At Akadama Events we express our firmest conviction with this simple hashtag: #WorkingTogether wonderful things can be achieved.

We are proud not only of the turnkey events we manage for our clients, but also of our collaborations with other companies in the industry. Our teamwork benefits our clients, providing them solutions rich in ideas and expertise.

Regardless whether you consider yourself a partner, supplier or competition: we have the shared obligation to place our strengths at the service of the client, not at the service of our egos. Let’s establish a win/win relationship where we can all grow, where we all bring to the table what we do best!

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” (Isaac Newton)

After all, in this profession there are no second chances to do things right: we only have one opportunity to make the event a success. Hence the need to conscientiously choose the team that will make it happen, bonding them with honesty, trust and sincere teamwork. So if you’re facing an event whose scope or specificity requires the collaboration of other event agencies, go for it!

How to make your collaborations successful

As Stephen R. Covey says in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, people facing challenges with a win-win attitude have three vital character traits:  integrity, maturity, and the conviction that there is “enough room for everyone”. But besides this starting point, there are other practical issues to consider:

  • Define roles and responsibilities based on each person’s talents and area of expertise, thereby enhancing optimal execution of each task. Everyone must bring their best to improve the creative, production and management processes.
  • Be flexible: it’s not about doing things “my way” or “your way “, but strategically applying the processes that better serve the common goal.
  • Clear communications: designate the persons involved and establish how you will connect and cooperate, encouraging internal communications from the beginning.
  • Knowledge sharing: if you worry about “revealing” your knowledge, you will hardly reach that point where “the result is greater than the sum of its parts”. However, if the specialist in each field contributes with the best solution, we will meet customer needs in a thorough and comprehensive way.
  • Common vision and approach, working as one single team and sharing viewpoints on the objectives and strategies.
  • Mutual trust based on accountability, consistency and high quality of work.
Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success

A group of cooperative experts joining their know-how has many guarantees of success!

Whether collaborating with other agencies in the industry, assisting your company’s Communication/PR Department, or being 100% in charge of your event, you will verify that #WorkingTogether we can’t be beat!

Count on Akadama Events and Communication for your next event: we are committed to delivering excellent results and being responsible for the services we provide, regardless of how much or how little participation is required of us.